Yves Saint Laurent does not design bags, so where did YSL bags come from? (Part 2)

How to detect fake YSL bags:

When buying new, Yves Saint Laurent bag always comes with its own card and pouch. If those aren’t available, this is a red flag.

Yves Saint Laurent bags are renowned for being durable and well made, so the first thing to do to detect counterfeits is to thoroughly check its quality.

Whether the bag you are checking is slippery, suede or calfskin, the material should always feel super soft and durable.

The lining is almost always black and is made of fabric or leather.

Look at stitching – apart from tight, even stitches, no loose threads and all edges are contoured, there should never be any diagonal stitching, especially with quilted YSL bags cotton.

It is important to become familiar with the different Saint Laurent symbols. Take note that they have changed over the years, so if you’re looking at a vintage bag, it might be a different logo from the modern one.

For the “Saint Laurent” or “Saint Laurent Paris” logo, the N and T in “Laurent” are always connected, no matter where the label is on the bag. Note that the R in Laurent and the R in Paris have a slightly different font, which is something counterfeiters often overlook.

Most YSL bags are labeled with a serial number, which is usually stamped on the skin somewhere inside the bag. This is often accompanied by the phrase “made in Italy.” You can actually look up the serial number on Saint Laurent’s website.

The three-letter logo is very specific, so you should consult its image carefully before buying. The overlap and thickness of the letters never change, although some things can differ depending on the era of the bag, such as whether the logo is attached to a decorative nail tip.

For chain bags, the links will always be made of flat chain links, and there will always be a connector labeled Saint Laurent.

The large locks or the inner closure are always stamped with Saint Laurent Paris, although smaller locks on the wallet may not be present.

The underside of the lid will usually leave the signature of Saint Laurent Paris bare.

If you are confused and really unsure, you can contact a professional authentication service for a second opinion.

Yves Saint Laurent does not design bags, so where did YSL bags come from? (Part 1)

Saint Laurent was never interested in bag design, it was only when the brand was sold to Gucci in 1999 under the creative direction of Tom Ford that the first YSL bags were released.

It is impossible to talk about the history of the Yves Saint Laurent brand without discussing the fascinating and tragic person of the designer who started the fashion brand and bears his name. Yves Saint Laurent was born in 1936 in Algeria, when he was a child, he was passionate about beauty and fashion, designing costumes for the women of his family.

When he was 17, he moved to Paris to study fashion. His talent was quickly recognized by the big names in the Paris fashion industry, and Christian Dior supported him.

He worked under Dior for a few years, at the age of 21, just weeks before Dior’s death, he was appointed as the fashion house’s chief designer. His first collection for Dior was a huge success, but subsequent collections did not, and in 1960 he was commissioned to fight for France during the Algerian War. He lost his position at Dior shortly after enlisting.

In 1961, Saint Laurent and partner (in life and business) Pierre Berge launched their eponymous brand. As the head of her own fashion house, Laurent has made a name for himself by designing stunning garments inspired by art and gender with completely transformative fashion.

Some of his most iconic creations include motifs inspired by Mondrian art, “Safari-chic”, revealing sheer sheer, and perhaps iconic dresses. Le Smoking – a splendid, sleek women’s outfit that pushes the boundaries of gender when it comes to more conservative evening outfits.

However, Saint Laurent never cared about bag design. Instead, it was only when the brand was sold to Gucci in 1999 (now owned by Kering) and under the creative direction of Tom Ford that the first YSL bags were released. During the Tom Ford era, the Yves Saint Laurent bags were dark but in a bohemian style, like the Mombasa hobo.

When Tom Ford left Gucci in 2004, Stefano Pilati took over as creative director – a position he held until 2012. Stefano Pilati’s time is still remembered for YSL bags like the Muse and the Tribute.

Next comes the Hedi Slimane era, which begins slowly and delicately with the Duffle bag. While under Slimane, Kering chose to remove the word “Yves” from the brand name, Slimane bags are starting to honor the YSL logo, especially in accessories. The three-letter logo is usually displayed in the center of a Saint Laurent bag, usually in a sparkling gold color contrasting with black leather.

Most recently, in 2016, Hedi Slimane moved to work for Celine and Anthony Vaccarello took his place. His early bag releases were seen as a simple continuation of Slimane’s creations, but over time he started to change things up, resulting in a lot more unique bags that you’ve seen in list of the most iconic YSL bags.

Naomi Campbell’s life in the corona epidemic

Black supermodel Naomi Campbell focuses on hygiene, training and online chatting with friends while socializing in New York.

Naomi Campbell is one of the artists with high sense of prevention. She wore protective clothing, mask, disinfection when flying from Los Angeles to John F. Kennedy Airport (New York), before the state began the order to socialize on March 16. The habit of wearing masks and public hygiene was formed during the 49-year-old supermodel in Japan.

Naomi posted the video “Protecting myself against Coronavirus” on Youtube, sharing the process of preparing to go to the airport. She wore white medical protective clothing, an N95 mask, and rubber gloves and a Burberry cape. She opposes the view of not wearing masks of many people: “They say it is not necessary to wear, I disagree. What if a person sneezes when you run behind? You will be shot by everything”.Vi deos get attention on social networks. The supermodel added: “This is not a joke. I did not do this to be fun but a precaution. It helps me to feel comfortable when going out.”

Naomi Campbell là một trong những nghệ sĩ có ý thức phòng dịch cao. Cô mặc đồ bảo hộ, đeo khẩu trang, khử khuẩn đầy đủ khi bay từ Los Angeles về sân bay John F. Kennedy (New York), trước khi bang này bắt đầu lệnh giãn cách xã hội từ ngày 16/3. Thói quen đeo khẩu trang và vệ sinh vật dụng công cộng hình thành trong thời gian siêu mẫu 49 tuổi hoạt động ở Nhật Bản. 

She created the program No Filter with Naomi, broadcast at 3 pm daily on Youtube, in which Naomi chat online with friends in the entertainment industry. Black panther posted a video early last week, Cindy Crowford was the first guest, talking about life when isolated with many memories. The two were famous supermodels of the 1990s, making friends for decades. Naomi even gave advice to her daughter Crawford – Kaia Gerber – on the modeling path, and on April 18, nine more celebrities participated in the show, including actress Nicole Richie, Sharon Stone, and supermodel. Ashley Graham, Christy Turlington, Adut Akech, designer Marc Jacobs, Pierpaolo Piccioli, directed by Lee Daniels, Paris Hilton. Many professional stories and memories shared by the guests through the conversation.

By April 18, nine more celebrities participated in the show, including actors Nicole Richie, Sharon Stone, supermodels Ashley Graham, Christy Turlington, Adut Akech, designer Marc Jacobs, Pierpaolo Piccioli and director Lee Daniels, Paris Hilton. Many professional stories and memories shared by the guests through the conversation.

Cô sáng tạo chương trình No Filter with Naomi (tạm dịch: Sống thật cùng Naomi), phát lúc 3h chiều hàng ngày trên Youtube, trong đó Naomi trò chuyện trực tuyến với những người bạn trong làng giải trí. Báo đen đăng video đầu tuần trước, Cindy Crowford là khách mời đầu tiên, trò chuyện về cuộc sống khi cách ly cùng nhiều kỷ niệm. Hai người là siêu mẫu nổi tiếng thập niên 1990, làm bạn nhiều thập kỷ. Naomi thậm chí từng đưa ra lời khuyên cho con gái Crawford - Kaia Gerber - trên con đường người mẫu.Đến ngày 18/4, có thêm chín người nổi tiếng tham gia chương trình, gồm diễn viên Nicole Richie, Sharon Stone, siêu mẫu Ashley Graham, Christy Turlington, Adut Akech, nhà thiết kế Marc Jacobs, Pierpaolo Piccioli, đạo diễn Lee Daniels, Paris Hilton. Nhiều chuyện nghề, kỷ niệm được khách mời chia sẻ qua cuộc trò chuyện.

Naomi also streams personal training on Instagram Live at 12pm – before lunch. Her coach Joe Holder shared with L’Officiel: “Naomi wants to continue training, and also attracts the attention of people when sharing their daily efforts to create a fun, friendly space”, Supermodel wants to stimulate the flexibility and dynamism of people during the epidemic.

Taking advantage of social networks, Naomi spreads positive spirit by sending fans words of encouragement, encouragement, soft music, and funny photos. She also regularly updates her personal status, expressing optimism. Vogue writer Liana Satenstein commented: Naomi Campbell’s Instagram is the message we need when we quarantine ourselves.

The skin-colored sample of a young photo, wearing the skirt of the late Azzedine Alaia, wrote: “Do not forget to be optimistic in thinking, body, spirit and soul. We will meet again soon”.

On a rare visit in the middle of the epidemic, a supermodel dressed in Adidas, wearing gloves, took her godson on a walk near New York City’s pier. She expressed the difficulty when the world is facing a pandemic, and said that people can live slowly, enjoy life.

The best active-wear brands for active luxury lifestyles (part 4)

Olympia Activewear

With its modern and refined approach to activewear, Olympia Activewear offers a unique balance between strong and feminine aesthetics. Olympia Activewear is designed with the active women in mind, combining utmost comfort and style.

In addition to versatile cotton and custom elastics, Olympia Activewear offers stunning silk lounge pieces you’ll never want to take off.

The Upside

The Upside is an Australian luxury activewear label that offers chic, versatile athleisure pieces in dynamic prints, patterns, and florals. The Upside combines body-sculpting styles with high-tech materials to elevate your workout wardrobe – from leggings to bras and tanks.

A favorite amongst A-list celebrities, from Rosie Huntington-Whiteley to Bella Hadid, and Kim Kardashian, The Upside creates functional pieces that look great in and out of the studio.


Inspired by the laidback spirit of California and the liveliness of Brazil, Koral is technical activewear that combines form, fitness, and fashion.

Think fashion forward style (including faux leather workout pants and fishnet mesh tops) meets luxurious sportswear engineering and high-tech materials to empower women with very active lives.


New York technical clothing brand ADAY produces hardworking, versatile styles that seamlessly bring you from barre to the bar. ADAY adopts a ‘less-is-more’ approach and a design ethos based on seasonless pieces and sustainability to offer every day, athleisure-inspired clothes that are both performance-driven and stylish.

Every ADAY piece of clothing features novel technical material properties (sweat-wicking, quick-drying, UV- and chlorine-protected and wrinkle-free).

FP Movement by Free People

FP Movement is Free People’s active fashion line which triumphs both bohemian chic style and function. Their leggings, bras and sweats offer ultra-chic details (such as decorative cut-outs and added straps), trendy color schemes and impeccable fit.

Perfect whether you are actually working out or not.

The best active-wear brands for active luxury lifestyles (part 3)


One of the foremost successful and recognizable sportswear brands within the world, Nike offers everything from quality shorts and t-shirts to shoes and socks that are both fashionable and functional.

Over the decades, the luxury brand has developed a cult following by innovating on new designs along with reissuing its classic ones. A cut above the long-lasting brand’s mainline offering, Nike Sportswear NSW Collection is that the pinnacle of Nike’s performance apparel that absolutely looks good for everyday wear.

Nike x MMW

Designed by the American designer behind luxe streetwear brand Alyx, Matthew M. Williams, and using Nike’s vast repository of athlete-informed performance data, Nike x MMW capsule collection offers versatile, fluid training apparel and accessories.

Inspired by movement, the elevated training collection purposefully blurs the road between performance gear and street-ready clothing during a city-ready palette of black, white, and more black.

Under Armour

Under Armour is an American sportswear label which was launched in 2016 Under Armour Sportswear (UAS) by designer Tim Coppens from Belgium. UAS fuses not only high-performance sportswear designs but also an elevated sartorial touch.


Adidas might be a sportswear powerhouse that mixes quality and elegance in order to make modern and street-savvy activewear. Adidas’ signature three-stripe motif has gained iconic status in worldwide culture.

Adidas by Stella McCartney

Adidas by Stella Mccartney is that the ultimate chic activewear brand for fashion-forward women. This highly successful long-term collaboration between the style designer and sportswear giant continues to hit the mark.

The collection, including clothing for yoga, running, athleisure, tennis, and more, features bold hues and prints, elegant silhouettes, high-performance and high-quality fabrics, and fashionable designs which will surely stand out wherever you roam.

Alo Yoga

Los Angeles-born Alo Yoga offers elevated athleisure clothing that features unexpected details like rips, cutouts, lacing and mesh detailing. A star favorite – from Taylor Swift to Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner – Alo Yoga transitions easily from practice to the cafe.

Their leggings, tanks, sports bras and other activewear staples are all made from high-performance, innovative fabrics for that perfect move-with-you fit.

The best active-wear brands for active luxury lifestyles (part 2)

Sweaty Betty

Sweaty Betty defines its name as “Someone who works out but definitely likes cake”. This sassy active-wear brand was born in London in 1998 and offers an incredible range of workout essentials.

Sweaty Betty is one of the world’s first active fashion brands to bring a holistic lifestyle approach to their luxury workout clothes. Sweaty Betty’s covetable selection of studio-to-street designs features fun patterns, pops of colors, and quirky graphic tees.


No list of luxury active-wear brands can be complete without mentioning the Canadian brand Lululemon. Most famous for its yoga-inspired athletic clothing roots, this brand now provides a reliably well-made and expansive range of elegantly muted active-wear products, from basic gym gear to hiking and trail apparel. Lululemon is a perfect option for both the gym and the street style scene.


LNDR is a London-based activewear brand which incorporates cutting edge technology (from temperature regulating pieces to waterproof outdoor pieces) into its apparel in order to suit well-rounded active lifestyles.

Keeping things stylish and minimal, this brand offers an exclusive range of temperature-regulated sports shorts, leggings, and bras, and weatherproof coats which can easily take you from yoga class to brunch. It uses integrated seams and premium fabrics that allow movement and slim physiques.

Perfect Moment

Perfect Moment, launched by sports documentary-maker Thierry Donard, is a French athleisure brand for the adventure-seekers.

Blending high-performance with style, this brand rigorously creates tested activewear, including surf, swim, ski, and workout staples, offering an exceptional fit and optimal athletic performance.

Versace Gym

Versace is an Italian luxury brand that brings its typical “more is more” philosophy to athleisure wear. The luxury activewear collection Versace Gym combines sexy detailing and bold prints with a luxury edge which elevates your casual look.

Versace Gym provides everything from sweatpants to sweatshirts and sports tanks for a fashionable active look.

The best active-wear brands for active luxury lifestyles (part 1)

To help you discover the active-wear brand that’s best for you, we have enlisted here the luxury athleisure brands and affordable active-wear brands. In no special order, here’s our list of the highest brands.


Italian heritage label FENDI creates a luxury spin in the field of athleisure wear. It is one of the most famous luxury labels in the world.  FENDI’s active-wear collection includes everything from tanks to bomber jackets, leggings, and tees.

Ivy Park

Ivy Park of Beyoncé offers high-fashion meets high-tech performance wear. The gathering of active-wear is effortlessly cool and includes everything from sports bras to leggings, crop and oversized sweatshirts, bodysuits and more.

Fenty PUMA

Launched in 2016, Fenty Puma may be a collaborative line of activewear clothes between PUMA and singer Rihanna that employment, work, work, work, work.

Tory Sport

Tory Sport, defined by classic American sportswear, is that the performance luxury active-wear for ladies by Tory Burch that seamlessly balances style and performance. Tory Sport offers a comprehensive range of trendy and wearable sportswear for going, running, studio, tennis, and golf.


Founded in 2014, Ultracor may be a luxury active-wear brand that effortlessly marries luxury, leading-edge styling, high-performance, and shape-wear. Created with the seamless construction, best technical fabrics, and anti-camel toe technology to stop any wardrobe malfunctions, Ultracor redefines active-wear with deeply saturated colors, strong silhouettes, and bold prints.


NO KA’OI is an Italian-made, Hawaiian-inspired luxury active-wear line. Rooted within the spirit of yoga and powered by style, NO KA’OI combines high performance and haute couture to supply state-of-the-art athleisure pieces.

P.E Nation

A favorite of the Kardashian-Jenners, P.E Nation is an Australian sportswear brand that has taken your social media feed by storm. This uber-chic athleisure brand with a “tomboy meets city girl” attitude is best known for merging technical qualities with retro-inspired designs through its body-sculpting and crowd-pleasing garments from geometric shapes to bright colors.

Seamlessly merging haute couture and fitness, P.E Nation is that the perfect fit for fast-paced urban lifestyles.

Favorite sporty fashion things from the 2020 PGA Merchandise Show

The PGA Merchandise Show always succeeds in showcasing some amazing, must-have products for both on and off the golf course. Here are some of the foremost favorite sporty fashion things from the 2020 show.

Malbon Golf

One of the foremost themes we noticed at the PGA Merchandise Show in recent years has been the modernization of clothing, accessories, etc., within the golf industry, and Malbon Golf is onto something. After having started the company to form more fashionable and functional clothes, founder Stephen Malbon and his wife, Erica, have opened a golf club and also created a brand for themselves which includes some sports cool logos.

Foray Golf

On the women’s side, Foray Golf is doing right. Founder Megan LaMothe started the company for her daughter, Ray (For + Rae), and thus the corporation has been booming since Day 1. With clothes you’ll wear almost anywhere, in awesome prints, every lady golfer needs some Foray in their life.

Birds of Condor

Headwear is important to intensify your on-course swag, and Birds of Condor caught our eye with their simple, yet fashion-forward hats. Sporting collections with musicians, artists, and classic designs, these hats are an excellent accessory to modernize your golf.

Palm Golf Co.

This golf company has enough types of golf accessories and garments, but what really impressive were its gloves. The gloves sport a classic off-white color on the hand, but designs between the fingers and around the wrist to offer you a touch added pop of color to your outfit.

Goodr Sunglasses

What’s better than a pair of good-looking and affordable sunglasses? How about the added technology that doesn’t allow them to slide off or bounce on your face during your golf swing? Goodr has it found out, and with some awesome styles for both men and ladies (they’re all polarized, too!) starting at just $25, you’ll get a pair to match every outfit for the course.

The best eco-friendly running gear brands (part 2)

5. Vivobarefoot

Pioneering brand Vivobarefoot have released the latest shoe in their sustainable range, made from 70% plant-based materials. The Primus Bio range uses a plant based polymer in its sole and upper – a natural bi-product of the field corn food industry. The company’s founders are firm believers that barefoot shoe-making equates to sustainability – Vivobarefoot has alread pioneered shoes made of repurposed algae, and recycled plastic, with 17 bottles going into each pair. Last year, the brand recycled 2 million plastic bottles from landfills and turned them into shoes.

Fans of the Primus Bio will have to wait till 2019 to get their hands on these pioneering shoes, but the other recycled algae and plastic ranges are out now.

6. Patagonia

Not only does Patagonia pledge at least 1% of sales or 10% of pre-tax profits to environmental groups, they’re constantly auditing the materials they use and the methods they use to make their products to ensure they’re doing their best for the environment.

7. Kathmandu

A brand from New Zealand, with sustainability at the heart of everything they do, they recycled 6.7 million bottles into their kit last year, and are 80% towards their zero waste to landfill target.

8. Teko

You might not have heard of Teko, but in fact, they have been doing something for the environment for a while now. Their running and cycling products are made from regenerated commercial fishing nets, chlorine-free merino wool, use responsibly farmed, and recycled polyester that is made from used bottles collected in Turin.

9. Presca

Presca, who make customisable cycling and running kit, have recently announced the launch of a new running range made from 100% recycled materials.

The range is made using state-of-the-art technology, with six recycled plastic bottles going into the making of each garment.

Including a men’s running vest, men’s technical t-shirt and a women’s running technical t-shirt, the tops are available in two colourful designs.

10. Scimitar

The first custom kit manufacturer to offer 100% recycled fabric for technical sportswear, the Eco collection by Scimitar can be tailored for running clubs if needed. For the past 18 months, the design team have been testing the range, to perfect the range, which is made from plastic bottles and regenerated cotton.:

The best eco-friendly running gear brands (part 1)

Finding eco-friendly running gear brands that also performs well can be a tricky task indeed. Don’t worry, here is the list of some ethical brands that are doing their best in terms of sustainability, the environment, and ethical production.

1. Peak and Flow

A company started by two friends Joe and Gaz, Peak and Flow noticed a gap in the sports gear world – high performance, thoughtfully designed clothes that last, where every stage of the product lifecycle is better for the planet. The collection of gear includes a reversible sports bra that, on test, performed well and didn’t chafe, double-layer shorts for both men and women, and comfortable, high-waisted leggings.

The best part? The packaging is beautiful and fully recyclable, plus once you’re done, you can send your kit (and any other old kit) back to Peak and Flow, and they’ll keep it until they’ve worked out how to fully recycle it.

2. Sundried

Beautiful, high-performance running kit, made from used coffee grounds and plastic bottles, but built to last. As a company, they believe in reducing their carbon footprint, and the clothes they create are made in a way that reduces CO2 emissions.

3. BAM

Super, super soft and kind to skin, BAM clothing is made from bamboo cotton, which is moisture wicking, breathable and antibacterial, whilst being good for the environment. In fact, bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world, grows naturally, is 100% biodegradable and only needs rain water to grow. The clothing itself is soft, chafe free and kind on sweaty long runs.

4. Adidas

You might have heard of these running giants, but when it comes to environmentally friendly running gear, Adidas are leading the way. Earlier this year, Adidas brought out their Ultraboost running shoes, with a Parley upper, made from recycled plastic from the sea. Combining the comfort of the Ultraboost, with the feel-good factor of saving the planet, these Parley running shoes look, and feel, great.