2018 A Year of All or Nothing When it Comes to Fashion Trends

The start of a new season offers everyone the perfect occasion to re-plan and re-think their wardrobe. It is also a great time to embrace the new fashion trends while relegating sartorial disasters of the past. According to New York catwalk trends, 2018 brings back the gym kitsch fashion statement, while the supersized earing is back, and fashion even allows you to colour calm yourself. Sating slinks are in, while this year you don’t need to wear corresponding colours, it is spring and mixing up is great. Bright socks and checks are part of the mix, while printed T’s survive all and remain in the spotlight since last year.

2018 Gym Kitsch Gear

Hoodies and sweatpants are something of the past in the 2018 post-athleisure fashion world. The new gym kitsch attire includes items such as clunky sneakers, icing-blue sating boxing shorts and lycra cycling shorts. To truly channel your inner princess at the gym you would need to visit the nearest boutique stocking Dolce & Gabbana, Fenty x Puma or Dior while the Gucci shell suit is a must-have item for fitness enthusiasts.

Supersize Cluster Earrings Make A Fashion Statement of Their Own in 2018

In 2018 more is more, the weirder, bigger and bulkier accessories are the better, especially in earrings. The trendiest earring styles include Chanel’s jumbo icicles, Burberry’s chandeliers and disco balls by Valentino.

2018’s Power Fashion Couple – Elegant Heels & Bright Socks

It’s time to put a sock on it and this year tartan heel socks, fluorescent colours and spindly stilettos allow everyone to make a bright statement. The sock/sandal combo get a refreshed make-over and golden sandals complemented by black ankle socks, or even orange and white combinations, show you know your fashion.

A Year of Mixing Up Your Style to Display Your Feelings

Not everyone feels enthusiastic about corresponding colours and this year a mix of stripes, prints and colours indicate just how up-to-date your wardrobe and fashion sense are. Seen as high fashion are the combination of different size stripes, leopard prints, fishnet stockings and plaid kilts. Rolled up sleeves are back all the way from the seventies while sequinned dresses. Worn with ankle boots draws inspiration from the 1940s. It is also perfect to dress up your lace dress with an army-style coat. Get it? It is indeed a year of mixing up colours, styles and prints.

Showing Skin is Just so 2017s – 2018 Is All About Covering It All Up

Long sleeves, low hems and high necks are part of the spring collection, and one of the most popular outfits by Gucci is an ankle-grazing gown in amethyst bustle-fronted with a hood in the same colour.