The Face We All Want To Avoid!…. Gift Face

This is a genius piece of marketing from Harvey Nichols for this festive season demonstrating ‘Gift Face’, the face we all want to avoid receiving when giving gifts. When I first watched this advertisement it really tickled me, at some point in our lives we’ve all had to give ‘gift face’ the face that says it all but ultimately is us trying our best to hide how we really feel by attempting to look grateful and like you love the gift you’ve just received.

I also have just come across another of Harvey Nichols adverts that I really like, this one from last year, how this one passed me by is beyond me but I love it so just had to share this one too.

My Top Advent Calendars Of 2015.

  1. Five Dollar Shake, Department Store Scene: £9.95
  2. Charlotte Tilbury, Book Of Magic: £150.00
  3. L’Occitane: £39.00
  4. Diptyque: £250.00
With just over a week to go until December 1st, the day we all look forward to opening that first door on our advent calendar, I take a look at some of the best advent calendars out there this year .
Every single year Mum has always bought an advent calendar for me and it’s always been a beautiful most scenic of calendars, filled with beautiful illustrations so in tradition one of my favourites that I’ve come across this season has to be the Five Dollar Shake department store wintery scene, with shoppers doing their christmas shopping and santa with his reindeers in the sky.
In at number two has to be the Charlotte Tilbury book of magic, this is a great calendar for the beauty products lover or someone with a few pieces of Charlotte Tilbury’s range who wants to try out a more extensive collection.
I for one have been desperate to try her skin care products and some new shades from her lipstick range. If you are like me and want to try more then this is a great pre Christmas treat with 12 fully loaded doors of beauty magic.
In at number 3 is the L’Occitane beauty calendar, now I’ll be honest here I’ve chosen this one simply just for it’s beautiful parisian style festive illustrations. I’ve never tired L’Occitane products so I can’t give a true report on this one but if like me you too would like to try their products then at just £39 this one is a real bargain with a wide range of products to trail.
At number 4 is the Diptyque calendar, now who doesn’t love a candle burning beautiful scents around their living room when chilling out…. this brand is a bloggers fave, this one also has dual useage usage as some beauty bloggers I have noticed clean out their candles from the glass pots and use them to store their make up brushes in. 

Enhance Your Natural Beauty With Johnson & Johnson ACUVUE® DEFINE™ .

Recently I collaborated with Acuvue, a brand I’m pretty close to considering for the past nine years I have worn 1-Day Acuvue Moist contact lenses to enhance my visibility so when they asked if I’d be interested in trialing their 1 -Day Acuvue Define contact lenses I jumped at the chance.
1 – Day Acuvue Define contact lenses are designed to enhance your natural beauty, with having really bright blue eyes naturally I was intrigued to see what both the effects of the Acuvue Define Shimmer and the Acuvue Define Sparkle would be. 
Acuvue Define Sparkle are made with the intention of making a lighter eye more dazzling or sparkling as it be and Acuvue Define Shimmer are made with the intention of giving definition to the naturally darker eyes (browns etc). 
In simple terms, Acuvue Define make the white of your eye look whiter and the colour look more prominent and radiant. 
Upon my fitting at the opticians I tried one of each and instantly thought my preference was toward the Acuvue Define Sparkle, however I think this was because I fear too much drastic change to my look and felt the darker change altered my confidence, how wrong could I be…. it was just a change. 
The longer I wore the lenses the more indecisive I became as to which I preferred, Sparkle or Shimmer, hmmm decisions, decisions…. only the next couple of weeks trial could determine which I preferred.
Acuvue Define Sparkle.
Knowing that during my Acuvue fitting I had initially liked the Acuvue Define sparkle lens I decided to trail those first, the response I got from friends and even just passers by was incredible, I had numerous people question what colour my eyes actually are. 
“What colour are your eyes, are they blue, green or aqua” one guy asked following with a compliment. 
I wore these lenses for a full weekend on a friends hen weekend in London recently and following copious amounts of prosecco, early mornings and late nights, only three things helped me feel more awake again and that was three simple things a cup of green tea, my ‘Yes’ cucumber moisturiser and a fresh set of Acuvue define to pull my eyes out of the deep bags they seemed to have packed in my sleep. Even the most tiredest of eyes seemed to instantly feel more awoken by the simple definition the lenses gave my eyes.
Acuvue Define Sparkle.

Below, can you tell which eye has the Acuvue Define Sparkle lens in? Remember I felt the eye felt and photoed like I was more wide awake than without the lenses.

     LEFT EYE: Acuvue Sparkle                                          RIGHT EYE: My Natural Eye
Following my initial hesitation on my look with the Acuvue Shimmer lens I soon saw my confidence and opinion change towards them, so much so that I now can’t decide which are my favourite look, the Sparkle or the Shimmer. I think I would buy both in the future and wear according to my mood and where I was heading that day, some have even suggested I kept the Sparkle as a day lens and the Shimmer as my night lens.
My eyes are my main feature that I pride myself on and so I guess there was going to be no bigger critic than myself on these beauty enhancing lenses but I feel so much more wide awake, confident and alert wearing my Acuvue Define lenses.
ABOVE: Acuvue Shimmer

Which look do you prefer on me? The Sparkle or the Shimmer? 
Acuvue Define will have a different effect on each person as your eye is very individual and like your finger print, unique to only you.
The lenses are presently only available via prescription.

If you too would like to get fitted for your free trial of Acuvue Define, check out their website by clicking here to see where your nearest Acuvue opticians representative is.

The way I define the word beauty isn’t just from the outside, how someone looks, I feel real beauty comes from within, a kind warm heart and personality, if you haven’t got those qualities then the exterior can become quite an ugly view.
But for beauty, in the sense of how someone looks I think it tends to be more the naturally made up girls than the girls with false eye lashes, and thick amounts of make up that I would class as pretty or beautiful. Natural beauty is the best kind of all.
My favourite ways to enhance my natural beauty are by:
  • Drinking lots of water
  • Starting each day with a cup of green tea (I find this is an energy boost in a mug)
  • Cleanse daily and use a face scrub every other day (Kora, Miranda Kerr’s beauty regime)
  • Moisturise daily (‘Yes’ moisturiser has a refreshing cucumber scent and wakes me up)
  • Chanel, Sublimage Eye cream for hydration and anti wrinkle treatment
  • Use a body lotion throughout my body for a smooth feel, hydration to the skin and scent
  • YSL fusion foundation, this foundation almost gives an air brushed look to the skin.
  • YSL Touche Eclat for eye foundation, hydrating and nourishing to the soft skin around the eye
  • Spray Citrus KORA energising, hydrating mist
My Nightly Beauty Routine includes:
  • Drink a cup of green tea
  • Drinking a glass of ice cold water
  • Remove all make up with my ‘Yes’ cucumber make up remover wipes
  • Cleanse face then tap dry
  • Add a think amount of Chanel Sublimage eye cream
  • Spray Rose KORA balancing mist across for relaxation
I asked four friends two questions, the four girls each have different make up routines and each go for a different look to one another for enhancing their natural beauty. 
See what these four very different beauties had to say below on how they enhance their natural beauty and how they describe beauty.
GEMMA LOUISE 1. How would you define the word beauty? A natural, effortless way of looking good. 2. What are your go to methods, fitness, treatments and products etc to help you enhance your natural beauty? Fitness Treatments: Swimming, Spinning, Tennis, Horse Riding, Mat Pilate’s. Products: Helena Rubinstein colour clone foundation Serum for under the eye by an Israeli brand called ‘Jade’ Lancome hydra zen moisturiser Bronzer by ‘Tarte’ Urban Decay eye liner Max Factor Mascara Bobbi Brown blusher Trish McEvoy lip pencil and lip gloss I couldn’t live without my foundation or under eye concealer by ‘Clay De Peu”, Kim Kardashian uses it too. I also love Clinique’s flash balm cream, Sisley’s face cream is also a good one too. Top Tip: Get plenty of rest, this helps towards a more natural glow.
JEN 1. How would you define the word beauty? “Beauty to me is something/someone I cannot take my eyes off. Exotic but natural, confident and happy and unlike most others.” 2. What are your go to methods, fitness, treatments and products etc to help you enhance your natural beauty? “Since I have dry skin I am all about hydrating skin care….I love glam glow hydrating cleanse and mask. I also have used Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream for as long as I can remember. I love hydrated and dewy looking skin for natural beauty! I am also a fan of Clarins Skincare! I don’t think I have found the ideal make-up range for myself and am still on the lookout for the products to create my ideal natural beauty look but I have been a fan of Laura Mercier, Bobbi Brown & Chanel in the past. Fake Tanning is also an integral part of my daily beauty regime. After years of testing out products St Tropez Dark Mouse & St Tropez Tan Booster are my tools of choice for creating a natural glow. After years of yo-yo dieting I have come to the conclusion that exercise and calorie counting is the best method for me to keep in shape. I find long-distance running has worked for me to drop the lbs and tone up!” LOUISE 1. How would you define the word beauty? “Something or someone that you perceive as pleasing to the eye or pleasing to the heart and soul . Beauty is in the eye/ soul of the beholder, everyone’s idea of beauty is different. Beauty is not just about what something looks like , for example personality is very important too , if someone has no personality or is a horrible person it can make you perceive them as ugly regardless of what they look like.” 2. What are your go to methods, fitness, treatments and products etc to help you enhance your natural beauty? “Be nice to people and smile, it always helps. Fitness – I like Tabata, I’m not a massive exercise fan so if it takes 20 minutes I’m happy, a good mix of healthy eating, body weight exercise and cardio makes for a good workout and a good body. I make sure I take my makeup off before bed, it’s bad for the skin to be left on over night. I like to look after my skin as it’s the biggest organ. I swear by Estée Lauder night repair serum as it’s brilliant and really makes a difference to those wrinkles. Also their perfection makeup is fantastic and not to thick, I hate to see girls with layers and layers of makeup, I don’t think that enhances natural beauty it definitely hinders it. I don’t use sunbeds, they give wrinkles and cause cancer. Fake tan is the way to go if you need a tan, although I’m starting to like the pale look at the minute , much more natural.” SARAH 1. How would you define the word beauty? “For me personally the entity that defines beauty is confidence. When a person is comfortable with who they are and happy to be themselves regardless of what others may think, I believe, radiates a natural beauty beyond any thing superficial. For me a confident woman tends to rely on a minimal make up look. She keeps it simple with a tinted moisturiser, a flick of mascara, a pinky blush and a clear lip gloss. Inspirational women that define a natural beauty to me are: Emma Watson Oprah Audrey heburn Chimamanda Adichie” 2. What are your go to methods, fitness, treatments and products etc to help you enhance your natural beauty? “My main beauty routine is exfoliation. I use a Clarins polish on my face and I body brush twice a day. I find the facial scrub keeps my skin looking fresh and the body brushing helps with reducing cellulite, dry skin and over all keeps my legs relatively toned. I practise Yoga at least once a week in my bedroom using various youtube videos. This not only assists with keeping my body toned but also helps me to maintain a healthy mind. I strongly believe that beauty comes from with in. If you are thinking positively this shows in your overall appearance and Yoga is perfect for this.”

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Johnson & Johnson Acuvue via Mode Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Johnson & Johnson Acuvue.

Festival Inspiration From 2015 Coachella.

The first of the years big festivals (Coachella) has now been and gone seeing many different styles take to the green fields of the Indio polo grounds yet some of my favourite styles were seen on a few of my favourite fashionista celebrities. 
Celebrities such as Rosie Huntington Whiteley, Fergie, Kate Bosworth, Kendall Jenner, and Kimberley Garner went for neutral shades, a classy, elegant and contemporary bohemian style. They accessorised up with golden temporary tatoos, hats, headbands, golden chain belts, fringing, over sized sunnies, small crossbody bags simply for the essentials and multiple amounts of fine golden jewellery. 
I simply love all of these looks that I have chosen here but for my personal style I would have gone with a style similar to Rosie Huntington Whiteley or Fergie as this is of very similar style to what I would wear on a normal basis anyway.
Rosie’s light and airy Chloe dress is the perfect little number for a hot day at Coachella to feel stylish and cool, the perfect dress for day to night and if she was to attend an ‘Outstanding in the field’ dinner in the rose garden then this is the ideal outfit to feel a  little glam but also not too dressed up for attending the festival itself.
Pierce Brosnan was also seen in the VIP area working a loosely fitted white shirt and dark chinos combo looking stylishly suave, the perfect look for a guy for looking stylish and keeping cool in that hot dessert heat.

YSL Spring Colour Variation Palette!

The YSL Colour Variation Palette may have been about for a few months now however I only just received mine recently when I was given it as a birthday gift.
This is such a beautiful palette with 10 gorgeous shades which range from nudes, frost  to matte, each of the eye shadows are ever so easy for application due to their ever so silky smooth texture. The palette’s shades were inspired by this Spring/Summer’s YSL fabric swatches and oh what a beautiful collection of colours they are.
I love nothing more than an eye shadow that only needs one application due to being so highly pigmented and that you don’t need to add numerous layers of it to get the full richness of colour that is displayed in the palette, these beauties last a full day and keep their depth of colour and shimmer, for that reason alone I would highly recommend you to get your mitts on one of these beauties soon. 
I wear mine both quite natural and minimal for work day make up and more glitzy and more intense smokey look for an evening out, if you’re going away and need to pack minimal cosmetics this is the ideal palette to take with you as there’s something for every occasion in the beauty. 
YSL describe this palette as having the “Highest chromatic power and with a texture that binds to the eyelid”.
Following a few other naughty yet irrisistable, can’t stop thinking about purchases recently from YSL I am now a self confessed YSL beauty addict… so this should prove to be a pretty costly addiction, err oops!