Miss America used to wear a bikini at the coronation

Crystal one-piece swimsuits were the prevailing attire of American beauties in previous decades.

When the Miss America pageant began in 1952, crowned people wore simple swimsuits instead of prom dresses. According to Insider, Jackie Loughery wore a style bikini that was supposed to be popular at the time.

During the next four years, the crowned beauties were also loyal to one-piece swimsuits. Simple designs are accented with chopped crystal. They often combine with white or black heels to show off.

By 1957, Charlotte Sheffield caught the attention of her coronation in an elegant, fluffy dress. However, this is not the milestone marking the “disappearance” of the bikini with the beauties wearing the crown.

In 1960, Linda Bement wore a yellow bikini and completed the look with beige high heels. Linda is considered the last beauty to wear a bikini at the Miss America coronation.

From 1961-1964, the fashion beauty group wore fur shawls and long gloves in the moment of coronation. This style was enthusiastically responded to by the ladies at that time.

The sequin two-wire skirt on the upper part started to be chosen by beauties in the 1970s. The neck design is not too revealing, but helps them to flatter them subtly.

In the 1980s, the long-sleeved crystal and pearl dress was loved by the beauty queen. The design embraces the body and helps Shawn Weatherly – Miss America 1980 – show off her long legs. Meanwhile, Miss Christy Fichtner exuded elegance when wearing the crown in 1986.

When society began to get used to women tending to show off their physique, strapless dresses became more popular at the Miss America pageant in the 1990s. The beauties confidently showed off their shoulders or bust through the lovely sparkling dress. By 1998, Shawnae Jebbia made a difference by adding a pashmina shawl in tune with the skirt.

Skirts with a neckline design combined with split flaps appeared a lot during the coronation moment of the beauty queen in the 2000s. They only added highlights by wearing metallic earrings.

From 2010 onwards, the designs chosen by the coroner usually have more emphasis on the lower part. If there are no ruffles or sparkling fringes, fluffy skirts or split flaps are the ideal choice of the beauty queen.

Naomi Campbell’s life in the corona epidemic

Black supermodel Naomi Campbell focuses on hygiene, training and online chatting with friends while socializing in New York.

Naomi Campbell is one of the artists with high sense of prevention. She wore protective clothing, mask, disinfection when flying from Los Angeles to John F. Kennedy Airport (New York), before the state began the order to socialize on March 16. The habit of wearing masks and public hygiene was formed during the 49-year-old supermodel in Japan.

Naomi posted the video “Protecting myself against Coronavirus” on Youtube, sharing the process of preparing to go to the airport. She wore white medical protective clothing, an N95 mask, and rubber gloves and a Burberry cape. She opposes the view of not wearing masks of many people: “They say it is not necessary to wear, I disagree. What if a person sneezes when you run behind? You will be shot by everything”.Vi deos get attention on social networks. The supermodel added: “This is not a joke. I did not do this to be fun but a precaution. It helps me to feel comfortable when going out.”

Naomi Campbell là một trong những nghệ sĩ có ý thức phòng dịch cao. Cô mặc đồ bảo hộ, đeo khẩu trang, khử khuẩn đầy đủ khi bay từ Los Angeles về sân bay John F. Kennedy (New York), trước khi bang này bắt đầu lệnh giãn cách xã hội từ ngày 16/3. Thói quen đeo khẩu trang và vệ sinh vật dụng công cộng hình thành trong thời gian siêu mẫu 49 tuổi hoạt động ở Nhật Bản. 

She created the program No Filter with Naomi, broadcast at 3 pm daily on Youtube, in which Naomi chat online with friends in the entertainment industry. Black panther posted a video early last week, Cindy Crowford was the first guest, talking about life when isolated with many memories. The two were famous supermodels of the 1990s, making friends for decades. Naomi even gave advice to her daughter Crawford – Kaia Gerber – on the modeling path, and on April 18, nine more celebrities participated in the show, including actress Nicole Richie, Sharon Stone, and supermodel. Ashley Graham, Christy Turlington, Adut Akech, designer Marc Jacobs, Pierpaolo Piccioli, directed by Lee Daniels, Paris Hilton. Many professional stories and memories shared by the guests through the conversation.

By April 18, nine more celebrities participated in the show, including actors Nicole Richie, Sharon Stone, supermodels Ashley Graham, Christy Turlington, Adut Akech, designer Marc Jacobs, Pierpaolo Piccioli and director Lee Daniels, Paris Hilton. Many professional stories and memories shared by the guests through the conversation.

Cô sáng tạo chương trình No Filter with Naomi (tạm dịch: Sống thật cùng Naomi), phát lúc 3h chiều hàng ngày trên Youtube, trong đó Naomi trò chuyện trực tuyến với những người bạn trong làng giải trí. Báo đen đăng video đầu tuần trước, Cindy Crowford là khách mời đầu tiên, trò chuyện về cuộc sống khi cách ly cùng nhiều kỷ niệm. Hai người là siêu mẫu nổi tiếng thập niên 1990, làm bạn nhiều thập kỷ. Naomi thậm chí từng đưa ra lời khuyên cho con gái Crawford - Kaia Gerber - trên con đường người mẫu.Đến ngày 18/4, có thêm chín người nổi tiếng tham gia chương trình, gồm diễn viên Nicole Richie, Sharon Stone, siêu mẫu Ashley Graham, Christy Turlington, Adut Akech, nhà thiết kế Marc Jacobs, Pierpaolo Piccioli, đạo diễn Lee Daniels, Paris Hilton. Nhiều chuyện nghề, kỷ niệm được khách mời chia sẻ qua cuộc trò chuyện.

Naomi also streams personal training on Instagram Live at 12pm – before lunch. Her coach Joe Holder shared with L’Officiel: “Naomi wants to continue training, and also attracts the attention of people when sharing their daily efforts to create a fun, friendly space”, Supermodel wants to stimulate the flexibility and dynamism of people during the epidemic.

Taking advantage of social networks, Naomi spreads positive spirit by sending fans words of encouragement, encouragement, soft music, and funny photos. She also regularly updates her personal status, expressing optimism. Vogue writer Liana Satenstein commented: Naomi Campbell’s Instagram is the message we need when we quarantine ourselves.

The skin-colored sample of a young photo, wearing the skirt of the late Azzedine Alaia, wrote: “Do not forget to be optimistic in thinking, body, spirit and soul. We will meet again soon”.

On a rare visit in the middle of the epidemic, a supermodel dressed in Adidas, wearing gloves, took her godson on a walk near New York City’s pier. She expressed the difficulty when the world is facing a pandemic, and said that people can live slowly, enjoy life.

Caroline Flack Adds A Pop Of Colour To Her Ombre Locks…

Anyone who knows me and anyone who has an observant eye for something subtle will know that for the past 6months or so I go through stages of needing a blast of pink pushing through my hair. Not only does it give a shot of pink through my hair but it also changes the overall blonde shade to my hair which I really like to a deeper, dare I say it more natural colour with a blast of fun. 
The pink makes me feel a tad rebellious, mischievous and yet still glam, it’s also fun experimenting with colour when I never really have before. I’ve normally stayed on the safety edge, blonde and nothing but, well perhaps maybe just a few different blonde tones.
I really like what Caroline Flack has done with her hair, a slightly deeper version of my pink, she opted for the more ombre look which I yet again swayed for the slightly safer option of a few pink streaks throughout. I normally get my hairdresser to do mine however I could be tempted to get a bottle of the ‘Bleach’ product to try doing it myself at home like  Caroline Flack.

Hilary Duff Goes Casual Chic Round LA.

I really enjoy catching up on Hilary Duff’s style and exercise regime, I’ve always had an interest in her as a bit of an idol, I think it’s because we have a similar style, hair and similar skin complexion for make up but also as she’s of a similar age to me and similar body shape.
I love Hilary’s casual style for hopping round town here her simplistic casual style looks not only chic but also comfortable and very flattering for her hourglass figure and that wide brimmed floppy hat just completes her look fabulously. 

Kate Spade’s, Miss Adventure

I just had to share this video as soon as I came across it, it’s just the BEST way to advertise a clothing range. A sure funny, witty and stylish short movie, which I would also say demonstrates the way most women think when they get caught up in a shopping frenzy. 
I love it and I want more!

Margot Robbie Engaged!?

Australian beauty Margot Robbie is rumoured to be engaged to British film director Tom Ackerley after a whirlwind 10 months, the handsome couple are said to have got engaged when Tom popped the question on a recent trip to visit Margot whilst she was working in Toronto recently. 

Now this is one set of wedding photos I am excited to see, I’m sure it would be nothing less than a very elegant/stylish affair but first…. THE RING!? 

Mulberry At The Observatory.

Recently Mulberry went all out for a pretty epic bash at one of LA’s finest locations.
The Griffith Observatory hosted the event which showcased a whole load of Mulberry’s current fashions on a catwalk show which also had top music artists playing live music at the show, including singer/songwriter Tom Odell.
The event was attended by many a high fashion roller, all of whom were dressed to the nines in trendy high end fashions. 
My top three outfits worn by the guests were worn by none other than Rosie Huntington Whiteley, Suki Waterhouse and January Jones. The three stars dazzled at the event in a chic mix of neutral shades, and eye popping prints with natural make up creating three stunning looks. 
“Griffith Observatory for me is this iconic building on top of a hill where James Dean came, so the idea that we could come to this site and have a little piece of London here was a dream and overlooking the whole of Los Angeles,”  – Christopher Bailey