Sophistication and style with a hint of sporty chic are ruling the fashion streets with fashion icons showing off with some of their boldest and most colorful looks yet in true style. Blending high-end aesthetic with comfortable clothing, here’s a list of the best street style looks from all over the world for your urbane style to go several notches up this fall:


If rocking one shade from head-to-toe worries you, take a look at Gigi Hadid’s classy street style looks. The fashionista shows us that a monochromatic outfit looks so cool and elevated and makes playing around with colors really simple- just pair it with itself (an all over blue denim look) and you’re good to go!


Ultra-violent is the official pick for 2018, but the street style fashion crowd has taken a softer approach to the shade. An updated form of millennial pinks- tops, suits, shoes, layers, jumpsuits and even pants in lavenders are a must-have.

While it’s tempting to go for demure hues in the cool breeze, this year is all about vibrant shades and loads of them. The street crowd loves hot pinks, greens, blues and reds and for great reasons.


These luscious babies in bold brights like yellow and reds or in tan shades are just everywhere. The fine texture adds interest and finesse to every look while feeling extra cozy.


Victoria Beckham and Balenciaga are two fashion houses donning checks like no other so here we are. Grab a posh blazer with shoulder pads or a nice coat or if you love the print- a plaid suit is sure to make you standout like no other and looks even more spectacular with cat-eye sunnies.

Street style fashion has undoubtedly been bolder, brighter and louder for this year and even the tinsy polka dots were enlarged to bold unmissable proportions. These Dalmatian style designs add so much fun to the outfits whilst maintaining a polished aesthetic.


These pretty babies are ruling everywhere and look so flattering and stylish while also giving the illusion of longer legs. Grab yours in a dark shade with a bright side stripe or more.

Ruling the streets for long, we spotted so much of luxurious velvets on flared and wide-leg pants this year and love how the plush material gives outfits a glamorous and decadent touch.


Flowing, draped and so feminine, these beautiful hints add a blissful feel to your street-wears. Team with the trending mini-bags and velvet boots to turn heads.



Drawing attention and projecting power, suit suits in luxe stripes, animal patterns and other eye-catching prints are all the street-style rage this season and look so daring and head turning. Split the suit with either patterned pants or blazer if you wish for something subtle.

Which of these 2018 current street-style fashion trends are your favorite?

Trackable Clothing Becomes the Latest Trend

Artificial intelligence is expanding in all directions, and that includes the observation in all the categories of people’s lives, previously we weren’t this closely watched, yet now even our clothes are monitoring instruments of your behaviour. Wonder where it will all end, well let’s see how it started in clothing. One of those was Tommy Hilfiger, who has just expanded its line of Tommy Jeans, and it now includes a sub-division that is tech-focused, it is called Tommy Jeans Xplore.

Tommy Jeans Xplore

Every accessory, hoodie or Demin style has now been embedded with a low-energy smart tag, Awear Solutions’ Bluetooth that connects the clothing products to an iOS app, it acts as a pointing platform that incentivises. For wearing these connected clothing, customers are to receive gift cards, access to exclusive brands, concert tickets, discount codes and US Tommy Jeans outposts.
It’s never been possible for any brand to track or understand what the consumer truly used their product or item for once it leaves the store was the comment Liron Slonimsky offered when asked about the Awear Solutions. This is all in aid of companies wanting to connect with the community that wears its items or more often seen as highly-engaged brand ambassadors. Thwarted by the fact that the new smart tag won’t go deep into the experience of the human wearing it. The iOS app still won’t understand what the wearer of the item is feeling or thinking aside from responding to classical conditions.

Uncertainty Surrounding Consumer Willingness

Obviously, there still is uncertainty about whether customers will relinquish their personal data control to Mommy Jeans by wearing the Xplore items. The question is would Tommy Hilfiger then have full authority to share the data globally with other brand divisions? Breaches such as the Facebook Cambridge Analytica comes to mind when one thinks of trust breaches, even when it is still challenging to quantify a pair of gig tickets against the inclusion of the data engine of a fashion powerhouse.

Personal safety and privacy are afforded by encryption and the ability to disable tracking via the app. But for disconnecting from Tommy Hilfiger it would mean the wearer disqualify from getting awards, is shut out from the Xplore community as this brand experience are preserved for those who won’t mind being switched on all the time.

Barriers continue to be broken down by AI advancements, and between fashion slaves and the company, the buzzword is trackable fashion, what the rest of us might call this is more in the line of traceable clothing items. But then again in the never-ending quest for newness, the hope that is left is that the industry will rather focus on the main transparency crises it faces in sustainability. Would you be one of the brand ambassadors that wears the new Tommy Hilfiger Xplore items to earn rewards?

What is the Met Gala and why do I keep hearing about it every year

It’s unavoidable. Every year, out of the blue, you’re going to see the headlines Met Gala followed by a list of best dressed. Yet, not everyone realises what the Met Gala is and why celebrities dress the way they do every year for it.

To put it simply – the Met Gala, or sometimes referred to the Met Ball depending on who you’re asking, is the fashion world equivalent to the Oscars. It’s an evening in which designers, actors and actresses, models, and even music artist show off the yearly most over-the-top looks they can create. However, it’s not completely random (even though some who are invited to the prestigious event seem to refuse to dress the part). This event has a yearly theme, with the theme of 2018 being Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination. Though, this event takes place for a surprisingly charitable reason – some of the profit made goes to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Even though you’re seeing it more and pop culture – this event has been taking place since 1946.

Met Gala Invite List

The invite list for the Met Gala is another story though. Only people who are some of the highest achievers in an array of categories: film, music, fashion are invited. Though, sometimes some exceptional people are invited due to their dazzling personality and their prevalence in today’s media. You should note that every year the guest list changes – so if you’re seeing some familiar faces then it means one of two things: they’re either constantly in the media and have the best personality ever, or that they’re just exceptional achievers in the eyes of the list makers.

The Met Gala doesn’t have a strict dress code other – other than wearing an outfit that fits the yearly theme. However, some celebrities have been known to be invited on multiple occasions, and they usually wear something slightly reminiscent of the original theme. Though many of the people who are considered the best dressed of the Met Gala are the ones that go all out and wear some of the most unique recreations of what they, and their designers, think the theme truly means.

What the Met Gala Offers Sightseers

Okay, so what even happens at the Met Gala? The part that is commonly shown to the public is the red carpet where the invitees show off their stunning, or lacklustre, outfits and take pictures with the designers they’re paired with. After all the photos are taken – the invitees then have a chance to walk through the costume exhibit that the Metropolitan Museum of Art before going off to a stunning venue for a night full of dining, dancing, and enjoying the event. Though some of the invites do host and throw after parties to the fun won’t end.
The best dressed in Met Gala history always changes after every yearly theme. Though Beyoncé, Rihanna, and Lady Gaga all have been known to have the best looks for each one of the Met Gala that they attended. Even with this year’s theme, Rihanna stole the spotlight with her dazzling outfit.