A Little Hop Over The Water To Amsterdam

Over the weekend I hopped on a short 50 minute flight over the water to Amsterdam with a few of my girly friends,  I’m not sure exactly what I had expected from the capital city of the Netherlands but I was very pleasantly surprised by what I found. Amsterdam was filled with such beauty, culture, history and chicness.  This beautiful city really inspired me in many ways, firstly with my photography, to get each angle of it’s beauty, art, fashion, culture and history, captured to the best of my capability.

Following my trip to see Anne Frank’s house it’s triggered my interest in history so for the first time I think I’m going to begin reading Anne Frank’s diary.
On our trip we also did a mixture of other cultural things including visiting the Van Gogh museum, the Heineken Experience, the red light district, a boat ride, obviously a little visit to the shops and due to the beautiful sunny weather a spot of obligatory alfresco dining by the canals.
We even had dinner one night in a fabulous little restaurant where the waiters sing throughout the night, a mixture of opera, pop and funky house music, this was a real cultural treat, everyone was even dancing on the chairs come the end of the night, it was really such good fun.

There’s still so much to see and do in Amsterdam that we didn’t have time to cover, but I feel we did everything that I desperately wanted to see and do in this stunning capital city. I would so love to go back soon as we had such a fabulously fun time.

I hope you all enjoy looking at a few of my snaps from Amsterdam.