Miss America used to wear a bikini at the coronation

Crystal one-piece swimsuits were the prevailing attire of American beauties in previous decades.

When the Miss America pageant began in 1952, crowned people wore simple swimsuits instead of prom dresses. According to Insider, Jackie Loughery wore a style bikini that was supposed to be popular at the time.

During the next four years, the crowned beauties were also loyal to one-piece swimsuits. Simple designs are accented with chopped crystal. They often combine with white or black heels to show off.

By 1957, Charlotte Sheffield caught the attention of her coronation in an elegant, fluffy dress. However, this is not the milestone marking the “disappearance” of the bikini with the beauties wearing the crown.

In 1960, Linda Bement wore a yellow bikini and completed the look with beige high heels. Linda is considered the last beauty to wear a bikini at the Miss America coronation.

From 1961-1964, the fashion beauty group wore fur shawls and long gloves in the moment of coronation. This style was enthusiastically responded to by the ladies at that time.

The sequin two-wire skirt on the upper part started to be chosen by beauties in the 1970s. The neck design is not too revealing, but helps them to flatter them subtly.

In the 1980s, the long-sleeved crystal and pearl dress was loved by the beauty queen. The design embraces the body and helps Shawn Weatherly – Miss America 1980 – show off her long legs. Meanwhile, Miss Christy Fichtner exuded elegance when wearing the crown in 1986.

When society began to get used to women tending to show off their physique, strapless dresses became more popular at the Miss America pageant in the 1990s. The beauties confidently showed off their shoulders or bust through the lovely sparkling dress. By 1998, Shawnae Jebbia made a difference by adding a pashmina shawl in tune with the skirt.

Skirts with a neckline design combined with split flaps appeared a lot during the coronation moment of the beauty queen in the 2000s. They only added highlights by wearing metallic earrings.

From 2010 onwards, the designs chosen by the coroner usually have more emphasis on the lower part. If there are no ruffles or sparkling fringes, fluffy skirts or split flaps are the ideal choice of the beauty queen.