The best eco-friendly running gear brands (part 1)

Finding eco-friendly running gear brands that also performs well can be a tricky task indeed. Don’t worry, here is the list of some ethical brands that are doing their best in terms of sustainability, the environment, and ethical production.

1. Peak and Flow

A company started by two friends Joe and Gaz, Peak and Flow noticed a gap in the sports gear world – high performance, thoughtfully designed clothes that last, where every stage of the product lifecycle is better for the planet. The collection of gear includes a reversible sports bra that, on test, performed well and didn’t chafe, double-layer shorts for both men and women, and comfortable, high-waisted leggings.

The best part? The packaging is beautiful and fully recyclable, plus once you’re done, you can send your kit (and any other old kit) back to Peak and Flow, and they’ll keep it until they’ve worked out how to fully recycle it.

2. Sundried

Beautiful, high-performance running kit, made from used coffee grounds and plastic bottles, but built to last. As a company, they believe in reducing their carbon footprint, and the clothes they create are made in a way that reduces CO2 emissions.

3. BAM

Super, super soft and kind to skin, BAM clothing is made from bamboo cotton, which is moisture wicking, breathable and antibacterial, whilst being good for the environment. In fact, bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world, grows naturally, is 100% biodegradable and only needs rain water to grow. The clothing itself is soft, chafe free and kind on sweaty long runs.

4. Adidas

You might have heard of these running giants, but when it comes to environmentally friendly running gear, Adidas are leading the way. Earlier this year, Adidas brought out their Ultraboost running shoes, with a Parley upper, made from recycled plastic from the sea. Combining the comfort of the Ultraboost, with the feel-good factor of saving the planet, these Parley running shoes look, and feel, great.

Four Best Eco-Friendly Running Shoes of 2019

With some new eco-friendly running shoes released this year, we’ve pulled together some that still transcend the requirements for the gym to take you to Sunday morning walk and brunch too. 

Reformation x New Balance

Reformation is known as the cool girl sustainable fashion brand. The brand is on record stating that they wished to explore a collection of shoes but hesitated due to the heavy environmental footprint of production, but this year, they finally launched launched their first shoe line which was soon followed with a collaboration with nostalgic sneaker brand New Balance.

The collaboration and resulting footwear is in keeping with much of the original New Balance vibe, while sustainably elevating them with new, eco-friendly materials like inserts made from BLOOM algae and EVA foam.

Adidas x Parley

Adidas teamed with environmental organisation Parley to create training wear and runners made from plastic ocean trash (collected from coastal communities and remote beaches) and utilizing it as the raw material in its sportswear collections. Further to this ongoing collaboration, Adidas have pledged that by 2024 they will only be using recycled polyester in all their products! We’ve featured this collaboration in greater detail here.

All Birds

All Birds are the epitome of a runner that would make their way into your everyday wardrobe even when you’re not planning on a workout. Touting itself as the “world’s most comfortable shoe” its range features simple sleek styles that are made with natural materials like eucalyptus tree fibre, sugar can and merino wool, even down to its shoe laces which are made from sustainable fabric derived from recycled plastic bottles.

Tread by Everlane

Everlane had a vision to create the world’s lowest impact, carbon neutral sneaker when they launched Tread, their unisex trainer. Moving away from the traditional plastic sole of a sneaker, they have instead created a sole from natural and recycled rubber– 94.2% of it to be exact– along with leather from the world’s cleanest gold certified tannery. These kicks even have recycled plastic lining and laces. Plus their colour palette is on point; say hello to a statement bubble gum pink sneaker!

Prada and Adidas to capitalize on the blurring of sportswear and luxury

Prada and Adidas have new cooperation built on a “fusion of fashion and performance,” the two companies revealed on Nov. 9. Their aim is to blend Prada’s prowess in leather goods and luxury with Adidas’s expertise in sports. The first products of the collaboration will be “two limited-edition Prada for Adidas styles” – presumably sneakers, as has been rumored among sneaker sites for several weeks – releasing in December.

The deal puts the two brands in a position to capitalize on the blurring lines between the high-end world and other realms of fashion, notably activewear and streetwear. For Prada, it’s an opportunity to expand the casual, sporty “lifestyle” offering it’s been working on to attract new customers. Adidas, which has a history of collaborating with designers, gets to bolster its image as a creative, fashion-forward brand.

Items such as sneakers and sportswear have lately helped Prada, a company built mostly on high-end leather goods. The company had struggled for a few years, during which it seemed to ignore luxury’s turn toward sneakers and casual clothes while its big rivals were cashing in. In theory it should have been perfectly positioned for the shift, as it was among the first luxury brands to introduce a sneaker back in 1996. The following year, it debuted Linea Rossa, a line of technical sportswear. But it eventually pulled Linea Rossa from stores in 2010 and kept its focus on products such as handbags to drive sales.

More recently, it has increased focus on what it calls its “lifestyle” offering, such as the Cloudbust sneaker it released in 2017. Last year, it began to show signs of a turnaround, and announced the relaunch of Linea Rossa, partnering with streetwear-centric site Highsnobiety to help sell the line. On a call with investors in March, the company said its lifestyle collection was outperforming other segments.

Adidas, meanwhile, has used collaborations with some of fashion’s top designers, including Raf Simons, Rick Owens, and Stella McCartney, to help it cultivate its air of cool over the past several years. These products release in limited quantities, but they let Adidas reach beyond a sports audience and help it determine where there’s demand for larger releases. The 1990s-era Ozweego silhouette it successfully reintroduced as a general release recently was one of the shoes Simons pulled from Adidas’s archive to rework for his line with the company, for instance.

The press release for the new Adidas-Prada tie up indicates more classic styles from each will feature in the collaboration. The partnership will also focus on Prada’s Luna Rossa sailing team, established in 1997.


The most popular sports shoe brands are always competing to outdo each other with the most advanced shoe-making technology to give their customers the sports shoe that can fulfill all their requirements. Here are the top 10 most popular sports shoe brands in the world.



Nike with the spirit of “Just do it” that the world widely knows today was born in 1964 in the United States. Formerly known as Blue Ribbon Sports, it was formed by William Jay “Bill” Bowerman and Phil Knight. The company changed its name to Nike in 1978, taking the name of the god in Greek mythology, a symbol of victory.

Up to now, Nike has not only been known as a successful global shoe brand but also has been considered as a symbol of American culture and style. The brand provides a full range of shoes for all sports, focusing on the technological improvements and functional optimization to best support the strong movement of users.



When mentioning Nike, it’s impossible not to mention its rival – Adidas. Like Nike, you can buy Adidas anywhere – on soccer fields, at schools, or in a commercial center.

“All Day I Dream About Sport” is the way Adidas interpret each letter in its name. From the very beginning, Adidas has conquered the hearts of many famous athletes and hip hop artists all over the world. Today, Adidas – the pride of Germany – is the leading brand both in sports and fashion.



As a brand that directly competes with Adidas, Puma is one of the world’s leading sports shoe brands with stores appearing in more than 120 countries. The brand is famous for bringing the best products designed for the fastest athletes. The company’s distinctive leopard logo make people look more personality.

Since 2007, Puma has gradually sold its shares to the leading French retailer – PPR (Kering Group) until officially “going home” with Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Balenciaga.