Favorite sporty fashion things from the 2020 PGA Merchandise Show

The PGA Merchandise Show always succeeds in showcasing some amazing, must-have products for both on and off the golf course. Here are some of the foremost favorite sporty fashion things from the 2020 show.

Malbon Golf

One of the foremost themes we noticed at the PGA Merchandise Show in recent years has been the modernization of clothing, accessories, etc., within the golf industry, and Malbon Golf is onto something. After having started the company to form more fashionable and functional clothes, founder Stephen Malbon and his wife, Erica, have opened a golf club and also created a brand for themselves which includes some sports cool logos.

Foray Golf

On the women’s side, Foray Golf is doing right. Founder Megan LaMothe started the company for her daughter, Ray (For + Rae), and thus the corporation has been booming since Day 1. With clothes you’ll wear almost anywhere, in awesome prints, every lady golfer needs some Foray in their life.

Birds of Condor

Headwear is important to intensify your on-course swag, and Birds of Condor caught our eye with their simple, yet fashion-forward hats. Sporting collections with musicians, artists, and classic designs, these hats are an excellent accessory to modernize your golf.

Palm Golf Co.

This golf company has enough types of golf accessories and garments, but what really impressive were its gloves. The gloves sport a classic off-white color on the hand, but designs between the fingers and around the wrist to offer you a touch added pop of color to your outfit.

Goodr Sunglasses

What’s better than a pair of good-looking and affordable sunglasses? How about the added technology that doesn’t allow them to slide off or bounce on your face during your golf swing? Goodr has it found out, and with some awesome styles for both men and ladies (they’re all polarized, too!) starting at just $25, you’ll get a pair to match every outfit for the course.