Square toe shoes, the key footwear trend of summer 2019


The square toe silhouette, a cross between the curved-shaped and angular counterparts, can be seen everywhere for summer 2019. This trend has been bubbling away quietly when the super strappy shoes of the decade have taken center stage.  Until spring/summer 2019, with a favorite among editors, Instagram influencers, and buyers at fashion retailers, this favorite 1990s style continues to dominate the runways again. So, how to wear the square toe shoe trend now?


Square toe boots have been dominating your social media feeds all of fall. Change your wardrobe to the warmer months with this boot style to catch up on the trend before summer begins.

  • Marques’ Almeida Square Toe Lace Up Boots ($566) 

With a bold geometric shape and an angular block heel, these boots dress up and may intrigue to any ensemble. They are wearable for many occasions, pairing perfectly with jeans or a tailored suit for daytime and a satin dress or leather skirt for a night out.


Square toe mules has become a trending silhouette that helps you wear two shoe trends in one this spring. This footwear choice is an elevated version of your traditional sandal which can upgrade any outfit. From day to night, for work or the weekends, these attention-grabbing accessories will add some personality to your wardrobe this summer.

  • By Far White Kosara 50 Leather Open Toe Mules ($354)

A must-have item for this season you can try wearing with trousers, denim cutoffs, or a pleated sundress to refresh your wardrobe.


Square toe sandal is essential for any woman in summer. It arguably is the hottest footwear style for this season. Perfectly paired with your favorite sundress for an outdoor meal, or with shorts for a leisurely day off, square toe sandals easily transition from day-to-night.

  • By Far Square Toe Sandals ($377) 

In a trending golden hue, these minimalist sandals of By Far add some sophisticated shine to any warm-weather ensemble.

How to make sandals part of your winter wardrobe

Although it’s commonly thought that sandals are only suitable for the summer months, the most stylish and fashionable influencers and bloggers are making a new item called the winter sandal.

If you want to try different looks, follow these guides on how to look chic in winter with your favorite pair, despite the temperature.


You can take style inspiration from Pernille Teisbaek. She kept cozy by wearing a fur-lined pair of sandals with neutral shocks. Then keep the rest of your outfit casual with jeans and your favorite jacket to stay warm on the winter weekends.

In fact, the controversial sandals and socks trend is back this winter. The bold look has been doing the rounds on the circuit of street style once again. Whether you love or hate this style, it is worth revisiting this season.


Although an elegant sandal may be more suitable with an evening soirée, it can create a different feel to your daily wardrobe in winter. Try making the layered ensembles look elegant by wearing a simple heeled sandal with straps (not in case of having to walk outside for too long).


If you are more of a minimalist than a maximalist when it comes to style, then look away. This look isn’t for the faint-hearted, but when pulled off right, it can really make an impact. Pair bright colored tights in one shade or patterned logo tights with a shoe for a look so extra that Carrie Bradshaw herself would approve.

Full-On Fluffy Sandals

We’re used to fluffy slides, but how about fluffy sandals? That’s a new one for us to try this winter.

Ugg has created the ‘Fluff Yeah’ sandals, which is covered in sheepskin from top to bottom and comes in various shades. It gives the perfect way to keep the warmth for the winter sandals.

So, now you know how to make sandals part of your wardrobe in winter, but are you brave enough to try them?