Ten Most Stylish Footballers of 2019 (part 1)

The present generation of professional sports players is becoming more and more style-conscious. Athletes are now using social media not only to connect with their fan fans, who are eager to learn more about their idol’s lifestyle but also to build a fanatic audience as well as to receive sponsorships.

Many footballers are now updating their most exclusive styles on social media in order to express their passion for fashion. Some of them really have good fashion skills so we list here our top ten most stylish footballers of 2019.

1. Sergio Ramos, Real Madrid

For some athletes, it’s all about branded street styles, but for other ones, it’s all about class. Sergio Ramos is a typical example of pure elegance. The Real Madrid legend knows well how to wear a suit. He’s always dressed in the chicest outfits possible everywhere he goes.

2. Memphis Depay, Lyon

The 25-year-old Lyon striker has it all – Louis Vuitton, Goyard, Fendy. He changes bags like he changes underwears. Memphis Depay is an excellent high-end fashion customer. He seems to love all types of bags from fanny packs to clutch bags, that are always branded with haute couture houses.

3. Michy Batshuayi, Crystal Palace

If you want to know what’s going to drop next in streetwear, look at The 25-year-old Crystal Palace player’s Instagram profile because he already has it. Michy Batshuayiliterally buys every latest drop of Supreme, Gucci, and Yeezy. He also has connections to get the newest pieces before anyone else. That’s the reason why he easily becomes one of the most stylish footballers worldwide.

4. David Alaba, Bayern Munich

David Alaba, the 26-year-old Bayern Munich star, knows how to style shades like no other footballer. His Instagram pictures are always a hit with a new pair of sunglasses every time. That makes him become the accessory king of footballers.