It started with the people who usually go to the gym before work, stumble into the office in a style consisting part gym wear and part office attire. Someone realized that this actually looks really cool and so the look easily stuck!

It doesn’t matter whether you play sports or not. In fact, including the sports element gives us the opportunity to make up brand new words such as ‘athleisure’, which are really fun to say.

Here’s a list of what you should/should not do when it comes to including casual sportswear into your wardrobe:


Far removed from the toweling versions and heavy jersey, we’re mentioning sweatshirts which were originally made for hobby athletes. Mesh panels. Lightweight fabric. Breathable, everyday-wearable garment technologies which help the top athletes in the world shave milliseconds off, help the joggers adjust their body temperature and help you be cool on a bus to work.

Designed with ergonomics in mind, slim-cut sweatshirts can add an all-new dimension to an outfit. Fits tend to run quite snug but it’s a good idea to wear sporty sweatshirts under a minimal overcoat in winter or on its own if it eventually warms up again.

Tailored Joggers

Tailored Joggers tend to come in two types: the everyday tapered jogger and the slimline jogger. They might not be extremely different from each other except for the materials.

The extreme tailored jogger is a major athleisure staple and in fact, they are extremely comfy. Sitting in the office in them for the whole day is like wearing “nothing at all”. For those who have brave souls and can complete control over their boners, the famous go-to sportswear brands such as ADIDAS can’t be overlooked and usually offer a wide range of styles at reasonable price points.

If you’d rather be safe with some tapered joggers, you can try higher-end brands such as Ronnie Fieg’s Kith NYC and the French streetwear label Pigalle.