5 unique tips for perfecting your streetwear look

Streetwear fashion is a hot trend in 2020, here are 5 celebrity tips to help you catch the trend right.

Knowing how to create streetwear fashion style is an important skill to have today. Why? Because clothes, outfits and streetwear fashion brands have become so popular by 2020. A quick look online allows you to find countless streetwear fashion style posts. However, most of these tutorials are outdated or unrelated. In this article, we take a look at the latest streetwear fashions from the most important people: Celebrities. Here are 5 female celebrities who share streetwear fashion style tips and tricks for all the girls.

Tip 1: Split the colors

How many of you remember the legendary 1999 film “The Matrix”? The film is still a great inspiration for streetwear fashion. With the announcement of the new Matrix movie coming season 4 this year, these streetwear outfits are making a comeback. However, with a bold and drastic color change, as shown in Rihanna’s outfit here.

Tip 2: Don’t be afraid to wear socks with different patterns or colors.

Remember, no fashion trends last forever. The same applies to streetwear fashion style; some are more popular than others. One exception, however, is the classic Japanese streetwear fashion. Oversized hoodie, shorts, sneakers, high socks, this streetwear fashion style will never go out of style. The choice of color is not that important, but ideally, you should choose white or black. However, make sure you also add something ‘breaking color’, like Billie did here with her neon green t-shirt.

Tip 3: Don’t tie your shoelaces

Another streetwear fashion style inspired by the movie Matrix, which is popular in 2020, is ‘oversized office veston’. The style works wonders for girls and Bella Hadid, in the photo, is a perfect example. Bella paired her suit with a casual sneakers and a white tank top. However, she deftly broke the way of combining gray and white with a bright red book cover. Overall, the style shows a strong, independent and hardworking woman.

Tip 4: Balance your classic shoes with a sports hat.

A new streetwear fashion style that started this year is ‘American blend’. Just like Japanese streetwear fashion, American style showcases its own distinctive cultural elements. For example, Tyana Taylor’s outfit selection in the photo combines a classic denim jacket with a truck driver’s hat. While it may seem chaotic, Tyana’s streetwear outfit is elaborate. Pockets, earrings and nails, creating your first color choice, metallic gray. The second color choice lies in the milky brown color of the dress and boots. Finally, both colors are beautifully disrupted by a blue denim jacket.

Tip 5: Use a subtle logo on any branded outfit.

Kaia Gerber’s streetwear fashion in the photo best shows the characteristic ‘silent logo’. When it comes to streetwear fashion and brand logos, you have two choices. One is to use the logo to the fullest extent, a common trend in streetwear fashion in Japan and Asia. Or, completely silent, without a logo, more common in Europe and the United States. Right now, in 2020, the streetwear fashion style has the silent logo as prime, so make sure you tweak it.